Hello Parents! Make Sense!!

Why our parents send children to school far away bearing heavy monetary load and killing leisure time of the children!

School is also known as second home or an extended family of the students with various interests, language, culture, religions, behaviors and body languages. So, school time is amazing. Besides attaining regular classes, it is one of the places where we make our foundation to accommodate, assimilate and concretise our aim, build strong relationship with the friends, teachers and others and shape our passion with confidence. So, selection of an appropriate school at primary level plays a vital role to produce good result against investment of time and money. If not, the whole school time becomes terrible and results appear frustrating.

Normally, our school days start as early as at 6 am and ends up at 8 pm. These 14 hours are divided into: two hours preparation and reach to bus stop; an hour bus ride; six hours school time; again an hour bus ride to back home; two hours for home assignments and pack up. Then, two hours left to do remaining and go to bed. This cycle repeats every day except holidays. Fortunately, I have two days weekend that gives some time to play and do other things to make childhood enjoyable. I think the students who have only a day weekend are more vulnerable as they scarce time to meet their own need and interests through playing.

As a child, we need time to play, think, imagine and of course learn new things whether it is in home or school. In one hand, the Child Right Convention recognizes the children’s need and advocate to provide sufficient time to flourish their inner capabilities with appropriate guidance to question and explore alternatives, our home assignments, project works, class assignments and examination consumes our full time on the other. Then, in this situation, are we really getting time to use for our interest? The answer is not at all.

People say, time teaches people and experiences are the best lesson. I believe every parents have passes similar situation of scare of time to play in their school time But I wonder why our parents do not learn from their experiences and send their children to school faraway bearing heavy monetary load killing leisure time of the children. I am sure every parent wants to see their children smarter, bold, creative and different than others. With this good intension, every year many parents get panic to select English medium expensive branded schools sacrificing everything to pay fees and sometimes donations too. While doing this, they may forget to check why these schools are different than others? What is the feedback of the students studying there? What exact need of their own child? If they do these things, I am sure that they will not be a fogey fan of these schools. Upon my experience, all the schools teach the same whether they public or English private school. But I have not yet received answer from our parents that why they are so against the public school and send us far away killing all our time in travelling and homework, not availing time to play which is considered as child right.

Recently, I have visited Udayapur during my winter vacation. I got opportunity to talk to two families who send their children in public school there. I found, both the children and parents happy as school was at walk-able distance and free. The reason to be happy was that the children had sufficient time to play, do some household chores, explore, think out of the box and make fun. Contrary, in the cities like Kathmandu, our parents send children from one corner to another by paying equivalent amount to a gas cylinder every month to kill all the available day time of their children. Instead, if we go to school nearby, it has multiple benefits, which our parents must understand. The foremost benefit is best utilization of time. Second, saving two hours travel time everyday gives ample time to their children to play. On the other side, the saved bus fare may be used to purchase a gas cylinder or fresh vegetable to nourish a whole family for a week. Further, it will help to parents not to be worried about time to fetching children to and from bus stop.

One more thing, riding school bus in Kathmandu that moves 2 km. per hour and takes or drops students in every 200 meter is most irritating, time consuming and really distressing. But there is no ways other than adjustment. So, in such a frustrating situation, friends try to find some ways to make time somehow funny while riding bus. We used to play prank on teacher and parents. Sometimes, we make funny things out of none of the subject to keep ourselves busy ignoring outside traffic jams. I am not advising to do what we do, but we should find ways to make situations comfortable even in a worse situation, this is what I wanted to communicate here.

Yes, School life is a fundamental to get prepared for future. So let’s do great work, explore our capabilities and build a strong relationship with everyone. Let’s make our teachers proud by studying hard and attaining high marks and make our parents proud by fulfilling their dreams to see us as successful persons. At last but not the least, let’s make ourselves proud by fulfilling our own desires that what types of person we want to be. For this, parents must be wise in selecting schools for their loved ones.

This year, again, time has come to enroll children to new classes at new schools. Many parents have already sending their children to coaching classes to prepare for entrance and interviews. I advise all the parents, don’t be panic, just check the school, see distance, check your wallet, get feedback from senior students from the school of your choice, know your child’s desire, then take best decision for you and your lovely child; in any circumstances choice is yours.

  • This write up was sketched to raise question to my parents. Later, with their help, it came in this shape to ask same question to the rest of the parents who do not care about time that really matters at childhood.

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