The Gap I Don’t Care

DSC06087My dad has first saw airplane
When he had completed his grade ten
In my case, I first flew on air
When I was at the age of months ten.

My dad first touched or used the computer
After his completion of University study
I was so fortunate that I used computer before school.

My parents have started travelling
After their high school study
I have started travelling
Before my pre-school study.

My Mom and dad spoke to the radio
After joining their job
I became first in the family

To be interviewed for radio in and outside valley
At the age of six and eight
While I was studying in 1 and 3 grade.

I do Internet surf and blog to explore
Though my parents do it very rare
This makes a big gap between the generations
In opportunities and information
But I keep explore more
The gap whatever it is I don’t care.

Thank you 



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