Turn House Into A Sweet Home !!

Turn House Into A Sweet Home !!

1. Ira Sharma

Mom, whenever you  are around
I may bother you asking many questions
I may irritate you asking to do the things
I may get angered to you for not fulfilled needs
It is all, I feel, because of closeness between two of us.

When you are away
I realize the closeness between me and you
That’s why, I guess I miss you
So the reason, I wanna kiss you
It is because I love you.

In your absence,
I keep your photograph in school bag
At night, I change its place to the bed-rack
I am so lucky that I have a mom like you
Every day I miss you, I love you.

Living with only Daddy
Its little okay, little funny, little spicy
Sometimes, even taste so salty
Yet, it’s more timely, up-to-date and tidy.

He is a father, more as friend to play
He cares how I breathe, dress and play
Furthermore, how I prepare for rest of the day
If I ask anything else
Anytime, anything; he can spell
He tries to make me fun
From rising to the setting sun
Still, he is a man, I am woman
So, the conflicts of interests come time and again.

The best time, I feel ever
While we all do the things together
Helping each other
Riming, rooming, roaming and shopping together.

But leaving us all alone, when you go away
The home turns into house and gives feeling like in sub-way
Everywhere, I found something is lack.
Somewhere, something, I found blank
Thereupon, my feeling says, together with Mom
Only, we can turn our house into a sweet home.

Thank you


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