First Days in Life

First Days in Life


Among the first days of my life
I admire the first day, ever of the life
It was the beginning of my life
I celebrate it every year, as happy birthday.

The first thing I ate and first lap I slept
Both came from women, to whom I was kept
I call her mother
I am thankful to her.

The first couple I saw waiting for me
The first woman and man who care me
I call them parents and always admire them.

The first teacher in my life
To teach me, how to behave and survive
They were the parent
I am grateful for their warrant.

First friend, first teacher everything else
Parents are the father, mother who love me
They are the single package, all in one
So, I greet them on my own
On the father’s day
On the mother’s day
On the teacher’s day
On the friendship day.

Every first day in life
Brings a movement
Everybody should admire with
Recognizing as special moment.

Although there is importance of all single days
First days are significant among those days
To give value all those days
Let’s celebrate everyday as a family day.

Thank you


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